Wardrobe Consultation & Revamp

Getting To Know The You You Never Knew

Step 1: Getting to Know You

What is a day in your life like? Work? Family life? Social life? This process is all about YOU. We’ll determine your fashion goals by learning about who you are by finding out about your life. The key is learning about your lifeSTYLE. This takes into consideration your daily routines, current career, your environment, hobbies, and interests.

Step 2: Closet Consultation

My expertise is FIT. You try on everything in your closet! Yes, everything. This is where I teach you HOW your clothes should fit by showing you – tucking, plucking, lifting, raising and hemming. I will show you the best styles and fit for your height, and body type. We’ll move buttons, raise shoulders, roll-up sleeves, etc. We’ll take out the moomoo’s, the babydoll dresses, and anything else that makes you look like an old lady or a little girl! I’ll show and teach you all about proportion. We’ll determine your shape and figure out the designers who best design for your body type. We’ll sort through your closet and decide what can be saved, sold, tailored, or tossed.

Step 3: Shopping Trips

Let’s get this styling extravaganza started! Time to hit the stores and get everything on the list I think you’ve missed. From a staple sheath dress and slacks to your belt, bangles, booties, and bags. Accessories are a must-have. I know the ins and outs of shopping in New York City (and online). Whether in a major or smaller boutique, you can relax in your own luxurious suite with complimentary snacks and refreshments while an associate will assist us with all our needs. We’ll find you quality, versatile, seasonless wardrobe staples that will last a lifetime, as well as accessories you love that that will diversify your look, take you from day to evening, and bring out your personality. I’ll help you determine what to look for and what to avoid, so you’ll feel confident when shopping alone.

Step 4: Styling Recap Session

I come over and together we go through all the new and old pieces from your wardrobe and experiment with all of the various looks you can create until you get the hang of it. We’ll create great looks that make the most of your new wardrobe. I will show you how to mix and match your new wardrobe with your older staples, how to put together various outfits with your new pieces, how and what to accessorize, and accentuate, what looks will easily go from day to evening, how to get the most mileage out of each piece, and more.

Shopping With StylishSarah