“Sarah is a true professional – she has an expert eye, doesn’t waste time and personalizes the experience to the individual.”

— Anne


I had an amazing time shopping with Sarah. Usually, I feel so overwhelmed

shopping and end up buying items I don’t necessarily need. Sarah was so

helpful during the closet clean-out. She helped me see what great pieces I

already had and made a list of what else I needed. Then we went shopping

which was easy, fun and we found so many amazing items in my budget.

Can’t say enough great things about the experience. I feel like I have all the pieces to

put together polished and stylish outfits!


With a great sense of style, confidence, humor, and efficiency, Sarah helped me clean out my closet and then took me shopping. As one who hates to shop for clothes, this outing was out-of-the-ordinary, even fun, a gift for me. And I now have some clothes in my closet which I will look forward to wearing!


I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a stylist. I was evolving in my career and was not sure what my look was. The real eye opener for me was knowing what type of clothing I need for my own shape and learning to let go of things that I might have had a preference for but are not flattering. I did not have basics in my closet-the little black dress I could run out in-Sarah helped me step it up a notch. And those things were things I would not have though of investing in. I was looking forward to Sarah curating and customizing my closet for me. It was such a luxury a gift that I’m glad I did it.


StylishSarah is absolutely AMAZING!!! Getting dressed to go to work in the morning has never been easier – which is huge for someone who has to get three kids ready for school and out the door at least somewhat on time. I don’t waste time trying on and pulling off outfits that don’t work or trying to figure out what matches – I can just grab any of the outfits Sarah helped put together and go. I love how I look — which always make a person feel more confident — and so does my husband. And I have been getting numerous compliments from friends and colleagues. I honestly could not have asked for anything more. I truly loved every single item that we chose and was fabulously happy. When I hugged Sarah and thanked her for an amazing day, I had tears in my eyes. After Sarah left that day, I had to go to an event and put on an outfit that she had put together from the clothes that “made the cut.” My husband told me I looked amazing and that was without even buying anything new – just better mixing and matching clothes that actually fit right!


Sarah, you ROCK !!!!! I am thrilled to bits with my new wardrobe and can’t wait to start experimenting with the various eclectic pieces. You have such a keen sense of style – I am collecting compliments from strangers on the street now ; ) Thank you for your diligence and for listening to what I was looking for. It was a great learning experience for me and I plan to continue building on what you started…. Hope to stay in touch. All the very best to you, talented lady.


If I had known that I would possess such a chic wardrobe and a killer organized closet, I would have called Sarah 10 years ago! Styling is such a personal journey, as I have found out, and having the right guide for your journey is key. One fashion does NOT fit all. Sarah not only helps you find your style but how to build your wardrobe in to a complete collection of outfits that you WILL wear. I have learned to look at designers and fashion trends as they pertain to me and have a wardrobe that I can live, work and travel with. A truly worthy investment in your wardrobe and your happiness, Sarah is simply the best.

—Michele & Gianna

You are so amazing — I can’t express how excited and confident I suddenly feel. This day far exceeded what I expected. CAN’T WAIT to go shopping and PS — my coat was a total hit –felt so great in it! Thank you a million times for everything today. You are so inspirational. Sarah, thank you –not only am I transformed, I have an awesome new friend.


I have always loved working with Sarah. She adjusts her fashion vision to each client as needed while staying true to her own fabulous sense of style. She is capable of finding just one piece or an entire look, and she always hits her mark.


Sarah sure knows how to shop! A day with her filled all the gaps in my current wardrobe – from basic staples to fab vintage finds -all with Sarah’s helpful and educated guidance. She also knows how to push you ever so slightly out of your comfort zone to ensure you get the very best clothing for any occasion and wriggle out of any fashion rut with style!

—Nicole Hopkinson: The Global Shopper (Australia)

Sarah identified my daughter’s wedding dress, making the experience so easy, so much fun and so thrilling, really, that everyone was shaking their heads: How did she do it? Why? Because the very first dress that Sarah picked out was the one my daughter ended up wearing. We were at Vera Wang and Sarah advised the saleswoman which styles would work for my daughter and which would not. Her incredible eye for fashion and beauty, and for what works for each person is exceptional.


Sarah helped me to create a fantastic professional wardrobe. She was so much fun to work with, and we found pieces that look great and fit perfectly. As someone who hates shopping, she took all of the stress out of it for me and made it an enjoyable experience. Thank you, Sarah!


My makeover with Sarah was a great experience. On the first day, she came over and helped me go through my wardrobe. She saw potential in items that I would have thrown away. She showed me how to alter and style the items so that they looked modern and fashionable. She showed me colors that I should stay away from and silhouettes that work for my body. Sarah knew what items were worth the splurge and what items could be bought elsewhere; there was never any pressure to buy more than I was comfortable with. After shopping with her, I felt more confident, fashionable, and fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone!


My husband gave me the experience of working with Sarah as a birthday present. We were done having babies and I wanted to get back to being me! Working with Sarah was a dream come true! Day one, she went through my entire wardrobe and made piles: tailor, giveaway and keep. Day two was all shopping. We filled in the gaps in my wardrobe and then added some special pieces and fun jewelry. Sarah didn’t care about labels or price. She gave me tips about what makes me look slimmer and why. I have gotten so many compliments about my “look.” I feel like a better version of myself.


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with shopping – and fashion. I loved the idea of shopping, but the end result was usually just a closet full of mismatched pieces and lot of wasted time and money. Then came Sarah. I can honestly say I wish I could take her on every shopping trip from now on! When my husband gifted me with a personal shopping experience I braced myself for a trend-centered diva, but that’s NOT Sarah. Sarah is all about finding timeless pieces that best flatter my shape and represent me–not shopping the trends or dressing like someone else. She is energetic and personable and fun. She turned what for me was a potentially daunting experience into shear enjoyment. Best of all, she left me with the confidence and understanding of how to shop for me and my body. Thank you Sarah!


I always thought personal shoppers were for the women who had 2 nannies, personal trainer, and most likely a personal chef! But quickly came to realize that I was wrong – women of all backgrounds hire personal shoppers for various reasons. Sarah is one of the most down to earth and genuine people I have ever met. She never once made me feel insecure or silly for not knowing “what to wear” and for throwing out 50% of my wardrobe, (more like 75%!). I quickly realized that my clothes just plain didn’t fit my body correctly and what a difference it makes to wear something that does! I also found shopping fun for the first time in my life. Not only do I have a new found confidence in myself as a 37 year old mother of two – that I am a beautiful, sexy woman AND a mother – but have also made a new friend. Not only did I have fun but the whole experience was an education in itself. I now know what to look for in the stores! I also know what sizes to buy! I have never received so many compliments in such a short time. I have Sarah to thank. She really knows how to build your confidence. Not only is she very good at her chosen career as a fashion stylist but she has the personality to make the whole experience a fun and exciting adventure.


Sarah is AMAZING at her job. She’s so passionate and knowledgeable and it’s clear that she has a real love of fashion and knows her stuff. But as someone who’s not quite so savvy, I can honestly say that she doesn’t make me feel stupid about my lack of fashion knowledge. She also enjoys finding great steals as much as searching through high-end designer labels and has an amazing knack for putting together the perfect outfit (and often times with pieces I never would have guessed looked good together.) And the best thing about Sarah is that she focuses on accentuating your strengths–and making you feel beautiful–rather than making you feel like you’re not cut out for fashion if you’re not a size 2 stick figure. Since working with Sarah, I’ve gotten a TON of compliments on how pulled-together and chic I look and it’s been fairly effortless. I don’t actually spend much more time getting ready, but I have found I instinctively have a better idea of what works on me and what works together. I’ve received quite an education without even realizing it; for someone who normally can’t shop for more than 30 minutes without getting a migraine, that’s really saying something!


I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a stylist. I was evolving in my career and was not sure what my look was. The real eye opener for me was knowing what type of clothing I need for my own shape and learning to let go of things that I might have had a preference for but are not flattering. I did not have basics in my closet-the little black dress I could run out in-Sarah helped me step it up a notch. And those things were things I would not have though of investing in. I was looking forward to Sarah curating and customizing my closet for me. It was such a luxury a gift that I’m glad I did it.


Sarah helped me get out of the rut I had fallen into after becoming a mom of toddler twins. She helped me edit and organize my wardrobe with most exquisite basics. Six, I repeat, six gigantic bags of frumpy mom gear were carted out of my apartment! I now have a closet that brings me joy when I walk into it. Every dress, pant, jacket, etc. is something that I love to wear and feel gorgeous in. Packing for trips is a breeze, getting glammed up for a black tie benefit is straightforward, and I never think twice in the morning about what I am going to wear today.


As a high school graduation present for my daughter we got her a styling appointment with Sarah and the promise of a new wardrobe for college. She was coming from a uniform school and was excited to shop for a full wardrobe. Time with Sarah was the perfect gift! We scheduled 2 sessions – one to go through her wardrobe and the other to go shopping. Starting with the wardrobe review was key because it not only helped us organize her clothes and identify what she still needed,but it also gave Sarah a great idea of what colors and styles worked well for her. When we did schedule the shopping trip it was incredibly efficient. Sarah was able to quickly find all the items she needed that looked great on her – and that she loved. When we tried them on at home for my husband he said it was the most successful shopping trip we have ever had and he was right. The next day my daughter was off to a meeting in an outfit that consisted of her new blazer and shorts and t-shirts that she already owned, but the way she now was able to pull it all together made it look amazing and I know she felt great in it, as well as in all her other new outfits. A few new pieces and a fresh eye can make such a difference. I highly recommend Sarah if you are looking for a personal stylist or fashion consultant.


As a mommy who normally lives in yoga pants and a pony tail, I freaked out when my husband told me I needed to find a dress to go to a posh event. I’m so glad a I called Sarah because she hooked me up with the most exquisite Zac Posen gown. Needless to say I was the best dressed at the event! She also took me shopping and what I normally find to be a frustrating process, Sarah made it fun and stress free. I got some season-less stylish basics that I can wear for many years. I also really appreciated her brutal honesty – she will tell you straight out if it doesn’t look good on you. Thank you Sarah! You have made this mommy just more stylish now!